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title: "vim-markdown: test with vim-markdown-quote-syntax"
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To install with [Shougo/neobundle.vim](https://github.com/Shougo/neobundle.vim),
add following lines in **~/.vimrc**:

" Markdown syntax
NeoBundle "junegunn/vader.vim"
NeoBundle "godlygeek/tabular"
NeoBundle "rcmdnk/vim-markdown-quote-syntax"
NeoBundle "rcmdnk/vim-markdown"

In addition, following settings are useful:

let g:vim_markdown_liquid=1
let g:vim_markdown_frontmatter=1
let g:vim_markdown_math=1
au BufRead,BufNewFile *.{txt,text} set filetype=markdown

colorscheme ron
hi link htmlItalic LineNr
hi link htmlBold WarningMsg
hi link htmlBoldItalic ErrorMsg

[Daring Fireball: Markdown Syntax Documentation](http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax)

This is an H1

This is an H2

# This is an H1

# This is an H1 #

> ## This is a header.
> 1.   This is the first list item.
> 2.   This is the second list item.
> Here's some example code:
>     return shell_exec("echo $input | $markdown_script");

* Red
* Green
* Blue

1. Bird
2. McHale
3. Parish

This is a normal paragraph:

    This is a code block.

* * *

This is [an example](http://example.com/ "Title") inline link.
This is [an example][id] reference-style link.
[id]: http://example.com/  "Optional Title Here"
[foo]: http://example.com/  "Optional Title Here"
[foo]: http://example.com/  'Optional Title Here'
[foo]: http://example.com/  (Optional Title Here)
[foo]: <http://example.com/>  "Optional Title Here"

I get 10 times more traffic from [Google] [1] than from
[Yahoo] [2] or [MSN] [3].

  [1]: http://google.com/        "Google"
  [2]: http://search.yahoo.com/  "Yahoo Search"
  [3]: http://search.msn.com/    "MSN Search"

*single asterisks*
_single underscores_
**double asterisks**
__double underscores__
***triple asterisks***
___triple underscores___

\*this text is surrounded by literal asterisks\*

Use the `printf()` function.
``There is a literal backtick (`) here.``
A single backtick in a code span: `` ` ``
A backtick-delimited string in a code span: `` `foo` ``
Please don't use any `<blink>` tags.

![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg)
![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg "Optional title")
![Alt text][id]
[id]: url/to/image  "Optional title attribute"

[Michel Fortin – PHP Markdown Extra](http://michelf.ca/projects/php-markdown/extra/)

<div markdown="1">
This is *true* markdown text.

:   Pomaceous fruit of plants of the genus Malus in
    the family Rosaceae.

That's some text with a footnote.[^1]

[^1]: And that's the footnote.

    That's the second paragraph.


a one-line code block


# others

Remails html syntax in most places: `runtime! syntax/html.vim`

<div class="html">Use html syntax</div>
<a href="http...">aaa</a>

triple backticks
(Only Parentheses)
{Only Braces}
[Only Square Brackets]
<Only Angle Brackets: This is "html tag">

This is https://inline.url. End with `.`, `,`, ` ` or etc... (don't markup last `.`)
ftp://ftp.is.also.markuped end with space.
Double slash is //also.url, ok.

Mail address: [email protected].
Mail address: <[email protected]>.
Mail address: mailto:[email protected]
Wrong Mail address in brackets: <user@mail.com.>.

Single asterisk *is not markupped.
Single underscore _is not markupped.

{% Liquid Tag %}

{% codeblock %}
Jekyll Codeblocke
{% endcodeblock %}

{% comment %}
Here is Liquid Comment.
{% endcomment %}

echo no lang

echo triple backticks

{% codeblock lang:cpp %}
#include <iostream>
for(int i=0;i<10;i++){
  std::cout << "codeblock" << std::endl;
{% endcodeblock %}

{% codeblock title lang:cpp %}
#include <iostream>
for(int i=0;i<10;i++){
  std::cout << "codeblock with lang" << std::endl;
{% endcodeblock %}

{% codeblock a.cpp %}
#include <iostream>
for(int i=0;i<10;i++){
  std::cout << "codeblock with file extension" << std::endl;
{% endcodeblock %}

{% codeblock a.vim lang:cpp %}
#include <iostream>
for(int i=0;i<10;i++){
  std::cout << "If both lang and extension are available, lang is used for the syntax" << std::endl;
{% endcodeblock %}

import java.awt.Color;
public void test() {
  System.out.println("Java is now available.");

~~~ .ruby
puts "PHP Markdown Extra wave codeblock"
def func(flag)
    puts "OK"
    puts "FAILED"

# Spell Check
spelll check is available in normal place.

# spelll check is also available in the title or some places.

    spelll cehck is disabled in the code block.