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Recent, I realized that there are many duplicated directories in a pop-up of Home directory in Dock.

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Pop-up of Dock’s Home directory

The pop-up is like this:


There are a lot of usr and tmp directories. These directories were made by myself, not a system directory.

While there is another directory of Dropbox, which is not a system directory, neither, Dropbox directory is not duplicated.

This is Grid view, but Fan and List views also show same.

In this time, I checked Home directory in Finder, then there are only one usr and tmp directories.

So, it is a problem on Dock.

To check it, I tried to restart Dock:

$ killall Dock

After restarting Dock, there are only one user and tmp in the pop-up.


Indeed, it is a problem of Dock.

Honestly, I have not solved this problem, but have not found any solutions or same situation, neither.

I would appreciate if someone could tell me the solution…sweat_smile

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