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Share Checker

Check your site’s sharing numbers.


  • Site URL: Single page, sitemap.xml or atom.xml. If sitemap or atom is set, URLs are extracted from it.
    • For such top directory where includes atom.xml or sitemap.xml, xml files are searched for first, and if it is found, URLs in xml files are used.
    • Number of pages is used to limit pages to be shown when sitemap.xml or atom.xml is used.
  • Share-buttons: Please choose what you want to check.
    • Delicious’s number might be wrong (could be always zero).
  • Then, push Go! to get share numbers.
  • If you check sitemap.xml or atom.xml and set Number of pages as non-zero, pushing Next! gets next pages (old list is cleared).
  • Add! button also gets next pages but doesn’t clear the current list.

Set and Go

Site URL:
Number of pages (0: unlimited)

Getting URLs: 0 %
Getting shares: 0 %
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